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Flower Child Brings Fast & Healthy Fare To Inwood Village

Health nuts, rejoice

Wraps, healthy beverages + more await.
Flower Child/Facebook
Amy McCarthy is a staff writer at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Despite its reputation as the land of meat, Dallas has plenty of folks who are looking for a decidedly more fresh and green option at mealtime. Which undoubtedly means that a brand new hippie-influenced spot headed to Big D is an excellent fit.

CultureMap reports that Flower Child, a healthy, fast-casual concept from the minds behind True Food Kitchen, will open its doors inside Inwood Village. The concept describes itself as perfect for folks who “love kombucha” and “start their mornings with a morning ‘OM.”

Look forward to a menu packed with gluten-free and vegetarian offerings, like lavash sandwiches and hot pots. The restaurant will focus on sourcing pastured meats and organic produce. Notably, produce that appears on the “dirty dozen” list (like strawberries, spinach, and peaches) will all be organic.

The 3,600 square foot space, formerly a GAP store, will offer the vibe of a “modern bohemian abode,” along with a to-go counter for ordering beverages and large format take-home meals.

Flower Child is set to debut in “early 2017.”