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Cafe Brazil’s Cedar Springs Location Is Moving

It’s not a big move, don’t worry.

You only have a short time left to enjoy that patio.
Café Brazil/Facebook
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For late night revelers at the bars that line Cedar Springs Road, the omelets and endless coffee at Café Brazil are an essential way to sober up before heading home. Now, partiers will have to head to a new location.

CultureMap reports that Café Brazil will shutter the outpost at 3847 Cedar Springs and move into the former Liquid Zoo space at 3851 Cedar Springs, which only means adding a few extra steps to your post-club stumbling.

The new location will offer more than double the dining room space with more seating, which is certainly welcoming news to anyone who’s waited in line at 2 a.m. for a table. Also exciting is the addition of more dedicated parking spaces. Construction on the new building will begin in October.

Café Brazil will keep the doors open at the Cedar Springs location up until the new space is ready. Expect for the restaurant to make the big move by the end of the year.

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