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Dallas Cowboys Rookies Spend Nearly $55,000 On Dinner At Nick & Sam’s

And it doesn’t even seem all that unreasonable.

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It’s an annual tradition. At some point in the season, the Dallas Cowboys’ newest players are hazed in a particularly expensive way — buying dinner for their undoubtedly hungry teammates. At this year’s “rookie dinner,” newcomers like quarterback Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott racked up a beyond massive bill at a Dallas steakhouse.

A photo of a receipt detailing $50,341.65 in pricey steaks, shrimp cocktail, and caviar from Nick & Sam’s was reportedly posted to defensive tackle Tyrone Crawford’s Snapchat account on October 19, and was later posted to Twitter by a Cowboys fan site.

Crawford confirmed to on Wednesday that the receipt was legit, and said that each of the first year players (thankfully) paid their fair share of the team’s massive bill. If you’ll recall back to 2010, Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant was stuck with the entire bill (around $55,000) during his rookie season, and he’s still pretty upset about it.

Considering the price point at Nick & Sam’s and the fact that the dinner’s attendees included 60 professional athletes, nearly $55,000 (after taxes) seems a downright reasonable price to pay for a little team bonding and steak.

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