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John Tesar Is Resurrecting Spoon Via Pop-Up Dinner Series

We’ve missed the Top Chef contestant’s take on seafood

Spoon gets a second chance...sort of.
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Before John Tesar became the king of dry-aging beef for a really long time, he was known for his sophisticated seafood preparations at Spoon, the Preston Center restaurant he shuttered back in 2014. Spoon was a ridiculously popular (and critically acclaimed) spot in Dallas in its heyday, and now Tesar is planning to bring it back, at least for a few nights.

Announced via release just one day after we learned that he will be appearing on the forthcoming season of Top Chef, the ever-busy Tesar will kick off a series of Spoon pop-up dinners later this month. Each dinner, limited to just sixteen guests per seating, will be hosted in a different “secret” location and diners won’t know anything about the menu until the day prior to their reservation.

"Seafood has always been one of my culinary passions, and I'm truly excited to offer these events as an opportunity to cook my guests some of their favorite seafood dishes, as well as mine, from Spoon,” said Tesar in a statement. The release doesn’t, however, offer any clues as to what those dishes might be.

Tickets for the Spoon pop-ups are currently on sale as of 2 p.m. CST, and are currently available for October 28, November 9, November 14, and November 17th. Additional dates will be announced throughout the year. $135 gets you in the door, or $200 if you add the optional wine pairings.