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Chef Bruno Davaillon Has Finally Revealed The Name Of His Forthcoming Downtown Restaurant

Bullion will make its debut next year

Ex-Mansion chef Bruno Davaillon heads downtown
The Mansion Restaurant/Facebook
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After leaving The Mansion Restaurant last year, Chef Bruno Davaillon set to work on a brand new concept of his own. Few details were shared about the concept when it was announced, but now we’ve got a little more clarity about what Davaillon’s first Dallas restaurant is going to look like.

GuideLive reports that Davaillon has chosen a name for his brand new concept, and it’s going to be Bullion. "It's like gold bullion, of course, but also from 'boiling,'" Davaillon told GuideLive’s Leslie Brenner. "There's a Latin origin to the word 'to boil.' I really like the word."

The menu for the concept will feature Davaillon’s take on “contemporary French cooking,” and bring lighter updates to classic French dishes. Brenner describes the price range at Bullion as “moderate” at around $80 per person including wine or cocktails.

Davaillon is currently shooting for Bullion to debut in April. Stay tuned for more details on what will no doubt be the spring’s most-anticipated restaurant.

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