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Kate Weiser Chocolate Opens At NorthPark Center

Have a little chocolate with your couture.

Kate Weiser’s new NorthPark home
Kate Weiser Chocolate/Facebook
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If you’re tired of driving all the way to Trinity Groves for a taste of Kate Weiser’s artfully-painted, sometimes booze-infused chocolates, you can now find them in a much more central location.

A post to Kate Weiser Chocolate’s Facebook page indicates that the chocolatier has officially opened inside NorthPark Center. The new counter occupies a space near Neiman Marcus and Tiffany & Co, so you’ll be able to drown all the sorrows of spending all your cash on haute couture with a few equally exquisite bonbons.

The NorthPark Center location is a retail outlet for the chocolates only, which means that you’ll have to schlep to Trinity Groves if you’ve got a craving for Weiser’s frozen drinking chocolate or a few macarons. Also of note, if you’ve been missing the ice cream at Weiser’s Trinity Groves location, you’ll have to wait until May 2017 to score a macaron ice cream sandwich.