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Uptown Urban Market Will Soon Offer Coffee, Pizza, Pastry & More All Under One Roof

Uptown’s newest spot for everything from coffee to cocktails is almost ready to open.

Fireside Pies at Uptown Urban Market
Rachel Pinn/EDFW

Taking over the space that formerly housed Sfuzzi, it appears as if Uptown Urban Market is just about ready to make its Dallas debut.

How close? “I would say the beginning of November,” said co-founder Jonathan Tobolowsky. Originally slated to open back in the Spring, the new food hall that takes its cues from similar concept in cities like New York, NY and Portland, OR will bring some of the city’s favorite spots together under one roof.

“We’re not incubating anymore. We went after proven brands we won’t have to watch over. We’re not holding hands; we’re managing a space.” says co-founder Mark Brezinski. He is very experienced with hand holding, after all, having worked with the incubator concepts at Trinity Groves. Managing the Uptown Urban Market should prove to be a much easier task.

Here, Uptown dwellers can grab and go all day, from coffee, juices and pastries at breakfast, to pizzas, sushi, salads and banh mi at lunch, to steaks and cocktails into the night at the adjacent speakeasy-style bar. Inside you’ll be able to find local favorites like Buda Juice, La Duni and Fireside Pies, plus sushi, sushi burritos and poké bowls by Yama Sushi, The Hot Counter by Suze chef Gilbert Garza and The Cupboard, a grab-n-go concept from chef Tiffany Derry.

Where parking is concerned, Brezinski noted that there will be 50 covered spaces available for drivers to use in the Gables Villa Rosa garage. “But,” he says, “most of the customers will just walk on over. Kudos to Gables for taking a space that wasn’t working in its current state and letting us turn it into a real amenity for the community.”

Connected through a side door is The ILL Minster Pub, a bar from the Bearden brothers, a.k.a. the folks who brought us Truth & Alibi and the Tipsy Alchemist. Quirky British-themed paintings hang above dark leather couches that wrap around a huge central bar where eventually, you’ll be able to order aged steaks with your favorite cocktail, if all goes as planned. The same team will be managing Bar Up in the main space, offering happy hour-style cocktails

As of today, the Uptown Urban Market is “just waiting on a last health inspection” before opening. “We were hoping for this weekend” said Brezinski. “It's all up to the inspectors. We are officially ready, just need everything signed off,” echoed Tobolowsky.

Stay tuned for an official opening date.