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Dallas’ 2016 Eater Awards Winners

James Wilson
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After a week of voting, the results are in and we’re happy to announce the winners of this year’s 2016 Eater Awards. It’s been an exciting year to dine in Dallas thanks to a slew of interesting new restaurants and innovative chefs keeping things fresh. From booze to barbecue, there’s really never been a better time to dine in Dallas.

Without further ado, check out this year’s 2016 Eater Awards winners.

Restaurant of the Year: Wayward Sons

Lori Bandi

Now settled in nicely on Lower Greenville, Graham Dodds has proven that Dallas cares about more than just meat. Dodds’ obsessive commitment to locally sourced produce and meats shines even brighter now that he’s got plenty of room for creativity and inspiration. Not to mention the fact that the “garden” charcuterie, made entirely from vegetarian ingredients, is one of the best dishes we’ve eaten all year.

The cooking here also inspires a new vision of what modern Texas cuisine can actually be. There are still plenty of spots to find a thick slab of beef in Dallas, but we’re all grateful for a lighter, fresher option that doesn’t slack on substance.

Reader’s Choice: The Independent Bar & Kitchen

Chef of the Year: Misti Norris

Misti Norris Kelsey Wilson

In her time in the kitchen at Small Brewpub, Misti Norris made a strong case that she is the most inventive (and interesting) chef in Dallas right now. She’s since departed the Oak Cliff establishment after a change in direction (and much to our chagrin) but that doesn’t seem to have slowed her down one bit. Norris is still foraging, fermenting, and pickling, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

Tonight, Norris is in New York City cooking at the 2016 Eater Awards. Don’t be surprised if this young, talented, and headstrong chef isn’t part of the national culinary conversation by this time next year.

Reader’s Choice: Omar Flores, Casa Rubia & Whistle Britches

Most Stunning Restaurant: Flora Street Cafe

James Wilson

With this gorgeous new eatery, Chef Stephan Pyles makes a triumphant return to the Arts District after shuttering his namesake restaurant earlier this year. The art inside Flora Street Cafe, including the stunning Shylight piece created by Dutch artists and a cut silk installment called “the curtain,” gives the restaurant a seamless transition into its equally artistic neighborhood. After more than 30 years of influencing Dallas’ dining scene, Pyles’ latest effort demonstrates that he’s more energized than ever.

Reader’s Choice: Flora Street Cafe

Bar of the Year: The Tipsy Alchemist

Dallas loves a showy spot, and The Tipsy Alchemist is the definition of flashy. But behind the scientifically-inspired presentations and wacky glassware, it’s easy to see that there’s more than just smoke and mirrors here. Inside this swanky Uptown watering hole, barman Stephen “Scuba” Underhill is turning out some of the city’s most interesting — and most delicious — cocktails that are equally easy on the eyes.

Reader’s Choice: The Tipsy Alchemist

Pitmaster of the Year: Travis Heim

DFW’s barbecue scene has seen quite the renaissance in recent years, and Fort Worth’s Travis Heim is proof. Originally a popular trailer, Heim’s brick-and-mortar space has inspired lines that wrap around the building since its debut. Top-notch ingredients, excellent flavors, and Heim’s guiding hand are turning out some of DFW’s best barbecue. The bacon burnt ends, a signature dish, are the definition of transcendent.

Reader’s Choice: Travis Heim

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