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You Can Now Drink Balcones Whiskey At Its New Waco Distillery

For the first time, the distillery is open to the public

Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Everyone loves whiskey, especially when you can see that sweet brown liquor being crafted right before your very eyes. Unlike Kentucky, Texas isn’t exactly flush with distilleries, but now you’ll be able to get the authentic distillery experience just a few hours south of Dallas.

Announced via release, Balcones Distilling has completed construction on its massive new production facility, and it will open for reserved tours and tastings this week. "We are thrilled to open our doors to our fans and community," said head distiller Jared Himstedt in a statement. "We are finally moved in and producing in our new home and we're excited to welcome folks to come see us."

The new distillery occupies the old Texas Fireproof Storage Building in downtown Waco, giving Balcones space to expand production and do a little experimentation. The production method itself will also get an upgrade, thanks to the spanking-new pot stills shipped straight from Scotland. In the coming months, Balcones will close its doors for most of February and March to continue upgrading the space, which means that you’ll want to visit soon or wait until the construction has been completed.

If you’re looking to make a whiskey road trip, Balcones Distilling will offer tours of their facility and complimentary tastings on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 5:15 p.m. Before you go, make sure to reserve your spot via the Balcones website.