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Why Is The Houston Press So Mad About This Burger In Fort Worth?

Apparently, it’s not one of Texas’ best

Apparently the L.U.S.T. burger isn’t lustworthy?
Screenshot/Texas Monthly

Every year, Texas Monthly releases a ranking of the best burgers in Texas. It’s a pretty straightforward, non-controversial selection of burgers, but one writer at the Houston Press is taking major issue with the meaty wonder that landed near the top of this year’s list.

We’re not exactly sure why, but the Press’ Steve Jansen headed north to try the L.U.S.T. Burger at The Bearded Lady in Fort Worth, and he definitely wasn’t impressed. The real problem, though, seems to be with the restaurant’s service, which admittedly seems pretty damn subpar.

Check out this excerpt from Jansen’s account:

After the server brought over the half-pint of blown-keg beer, she took our food order. I got the L.U.S.T. burger. (Again, not knowing that it was magazine-worthy.) The food came. We ate the food. We got the check. We paid the bill. We walked out.

We looked back to see how our dining companions were doing. Their main courses still hadn’t arrived. It had easily been over an hour.

Ouch. Jansen also says that the server offered to “comp a round of beers for the kitchen, just to let them know they’re appreciated,” and theoretically speed things along.

Now, there’s no disputing that this whole fiasco sounds pretty ridiculous. But considering that the L.U.S.T. burger is currently about 260 miles away from Houston, we’re not exactly sure why it warrants coverage in Space City. Especially when there are about 55,437 burgers (a scientific estimate) to eat inside the Loop alone.

Perhaps the lesson is simple: don’t trust Texas Monthly as burger authorities?

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