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Is Mi Cocina Mogul Ray Washburne Joining The Trump Administration?

Washburne is currently chair of Trump’s transition team

President-Elect Donald Trump Holds Meetings At His Trump Tower Residence In New York
M Crowd Restaurant Group’s Ray Washburne
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Amy McCarthy is a staff writer at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

In Dallas, Ray Washburne is mostly known for the wildly popular local restaurants operated by his company M Crowd Restaurant Group, namely Mi Cocina and Taco Diner. Come January, though, Washburne could be taking on a prominent role in President-elect Trump’s cabinet.

CNBC reports that Washburne is currently being considered as a candidate for Secretary of the Interior in Trump’s administration. At present, Washburne is chair of the team handling Trump’s transition to the White House, and prior to Trump’s victory, served as vice chair of the 2016 Trump Victory Committee.

Earlier this year, Washburne’s support of Trump came under fire from local Latino activists, who held protests at Mi Cocina and Taco Diner restaurants in Dallas. Amid the protest, Washburne claimed that he had received death threats in connection to his support of the Republican presidential nominee and had been forced to hire full-time security to protect his home.

Trump has not yet announced an official pick for the gig, so time will tell whether or not Washburne actually ends up in the White House.

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