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Is Chef of the Year Misti Norris Plotting A New Restaurant? [UPDATED]

Norris’ next move might be Petra And The Beast

Misti Norris
What in the world is Misti Norris up to?
Kelsey Wilson

Despite leaving Small Brewpub earlier this year, Eater Dallas’ 2016 Chef of the Year Misti Norris hasn’t slowed down one bit. Last week, she was in New York City cooking at the Eater Awards, and this past weekend, she may have dropped some major hints as to her next move.

In town for Austin Food & Wine Alliance’s Wine & Swine event, Chef Misti Norris was billed alongside a mysterious restaurant concept called Petra And The Beast. There are, at present, very few details on the concept — a Google search for “Petra And The Beast” turns up literally zero results — but Norris did drop a tiny hint via Instagram hashtag on her last night at Small Brewpub several weeks ago:

In case you didn’t find the evidence, you’ll notice a teensy-tiny hashtag #petra at the end of that post. Pretty much everything is conjecture at this point, but don’t be surprised if Misti Norris and her funky, weirdly delicious cuisine don’t make a comeback sooner rather than later.

UPDATE: Via Twitter, an intrepid Eater reader pointed us to a business registration tied to David Denney, a Dallas-based attorney that specializes in the food & beverage industry, for an entity called Petra The Beast 1, LLC. That registration was filed on November 9, which likely means that this concept is in the earliest of planning stages.

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