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Chef Richard Blankenship Is No Longer At CBD Provisions

The chef will head to the Omni Hotel opening soon in Frisco

Allison McLean
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After taking over the kitchen at CBD Provisions back in 2015, it appears as if Chef Richard Blankenship is heading to greener pastures up north.

Over the weekend, a reliable tipster told Eater that Blankenship would cook his last meals at the Downtown Dallas restaurant on Saturday night. Posts to Instagram saying farewell to Blankenship popped up over the weekend, and now CBD Provisions has officially confirmed the departure.

Yes, Chef Blankenship’s last day was Saturday as he’s taken an opportunity to work closer to his home—we wish him and his family all the best,” says Joule general manager Justin Fields. “Chef Coner Seargeant has taken the interim helm of the kitchen in collaboration with The Joule’s Executive Chef Junior Borges.”

According to our tipster, that exciting new gig closer to home is a position with the new Omni hotel that’s being built in Frisco. The hotel has yet to confirm the hire, but all signs point to Blankenship heading north in the new year.

Eater has reached out to Blankenship for more details on his departure, and will update this post as they become available.