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Feast Your Eyes on Bisous Bisous Patisserie’s Holiday-Insipired Recreation of Notre Dame

It’s pretty impressive.

Chelsea Conway
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This time of the year, bakers are busier than ever prepping the cakes, cookies, and other holiday treats that you don’t want to actually have to make yourself. But that didn’t stop Bisous Bisous Patisserie from creating a truly epic window display out of flour and sugar.

Now on display at the West Village pastry shop, Chef Andrea Meyer’s giant recreation of France’s Cathedral de Notre Dame is definitely worth checking out while you’re out finishing up your holiday shopping. Baked and iced by hand, this massive gingerbread house is a gorgeous, to-scale reproduction of the iconic cathedral.

It took Meyer and her team more than 160 hours of “free time” to create the window display, which was made with more than fifty pounds of flour. Perhaps most impressively, the cathedral was made entirely of gingerbread, with no external support structure to help keep it standing.

To replicate the cathedral’s windows, Meyer crushed up Jolly Rancher candies, arranged them by color to match the real Notre Dame’s stained glass, then melted the candy in the oven until it was perfectly swirled together. Sprigs of rosemary were tied together to make miniature wreaths, and garnished with a frosting bow.

Feast your eyes on the completed masterpiece below: