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Tim Headington Will Bring Italian Fare & A Modern Gastropub To The Design District

The Dallas dining mogul is expanding his empire

Mirador, the Joule’s new restaurant, will open at Forty Five Ten
Forty Five Ten/Facebook
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If you’ve been downtown, you’ve definitely seen the work of mega-rich restaurateur Tim Headington. Responsible for The Joule and its stable of restaurants and that giant eyeball across from his hotel, Headington has slowly (but surely) built a local restaurant empire. Now, he’s looking to take over a new neighborhood.

CultureMap reports that Headington will open two concepts inside a brand new, 10,000 square foot space in the District’s Decorative Center. The first, an Italian restaurant called Sassetta, is already claiming that it will bring some of the city’s best pizza to the neighborhood.

The second concept, called Wheelhouse, is described as a “modern gastropub” with a menu that will “pay homage to bar culture” while offering updated pub fare, whatever the hell that means. No official opening timeline has been set for either concept, but it appears as if Headington’s group is planning to have the concepts open at some point in 2017.

As Eater reported back in November, Headington’s group is also planning a restaurant called Mirador that will open inside the newly-opened Forty Five Ten building near The Joule in Downtown. Clearly, 2017 is going to be an epically busy year for Tim Headington’s rapidly-growing restaurant empire.