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Trinity Groves’ Resto Gastro Bistro Will Close To Make Way For Even More Fried Chicken

Are we reaching peak yardbird?

So long, Resto.
Garrett Hall/EDFW
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Considering that it’s a “restaurant incubator,” most of the concepts at Trinity Groves have managed to keep their doors open for more than three years. Unfortunately, time is up for Resto Gastro Bistro.

Announced via release, Resto Gastro Bistro will close its doors on January 1 to make way for a brand new concept called Fat Chicken. Former Resto chef D.J. Quintanilla has developed the new concept, which will feature his “distinctive take on all things chicken,” including fried, grilled, and oven-roasted bird. Considering the immense popularity of fried chicken in Dallas right now, this change probably shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

“Resto had simply run its course, but during its nearly three-year stint, DJ and Linda worked incredibly hard, and we’re pleased to give them this opportunity,” said Trinity Groves co-founder Phil Romano. “I think Fat Chicken is a great concept – it’s exactly what our customers are looking for, and I’m confident it will thrive at Trinity Groves.”

After Resto closes its doors, the space will get an aesthetic upgrade that better suits the Fat Chicken concept. The restaurant will be open for lunch, brunch, and dinner, and is set to open in late February 2017.