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Remedy Will Close Its Doors To Make Way For An Exciting New ‘American-Chinese’ Concept

Chef Kirstyn Brewer plans to revamp the old-school soda fountain

Kirstyn Brewer will soon take over the restaurant formerly known as Remedy
Kathryn Kemp
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Since it made its debut, Lower Greenville’s Remedy has earned plenty of fans for its killer comfort food and inspired take on the old-school soda fountain. Which is why it comes as a bit of a shock that the restaurant will close its doors later this month.

Announced via release, Remedy will shutter on December 31 to make way for an American-Chinese restaurant that will add on the Project Pie space next door. Most excitingly, former Victor Tango’s executive chef Kirstyn Brewer will lead the kitchen at the as-yet-unnamed concept, which definitely adds plenty of excitement to this big change.

Remedy executive chef Danyele McPherson has been promoted to Culinary Director for 80/20 Hospitality, a title that reflects her role’s massive expansion over the past few years as she’s taken over the menus at HG Sply Co and Rockwall’s Standard Service, also owned by 80/20 Hospitality.

“Our company is currently at a turning point with exciting growth plans for the future. It is time to expand our culinary department to incorporate the talents of other great chefs,” said McPherson in a statement. “Kirstyn Brewer is an incredibly talented chef. Her ability and dedication to her craft showed in every plate at Victor Tangos. I can’t wait for Dallas to experience what she can do when she gets to cook the cuisine in which she is the most passionate.”

The Chinese concept helmed by Brewer is set to make its debut in “late spring/early summer 2017.” Perhaps this exciting new addition means that Dallas’ dining scene is finally ready to break out of its Southern-inspired, comfort food slump.