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Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Accidentally Elbowed Someone In The Face At Dos Jefes

The endlessly polite rookie quickly made it right

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings
That’s a giant elbow, y’all.
Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images
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Generally when you hear about a professional athlete hanging out at a nightclub, they’ve gotten themselves into some serious shenanigans. But for Cowboys rookie QB Dak Prescott, it just means an opportunity to further endear himself to folks in Dallas.

A rep for Dos Jefes tells Eater that Prescott, Tony Romo, and running back Ezekiel Elliott were partying at Dos Jefes At Night, the nightclub that takes over the Uptown restaurant. While Prescott was hanging out at the club, he accidentally elbowed a woman in the face who’d bent down to pick up her jacket.

Check out the video of the encounter below, courtesy of TMZ:

Ever the gentleman, you can see Prescott promptly apologize and make up the woman who took the blow. But perhaps the most important part of this news is that if you want to have your own (hopefully less painful) encounter with Prescott and Elliott, start hanging out at Dos Jefes on random weekday nights.