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Where Dallas' Best Chefs Eat Breakfast

Crossroads Diner is an across-the-board fave.

Boulevardier is officially a chef-approved brunch spot.
Boulevardier is officially a chef-approved brunch spot.

Even though they’re frequently cooking and prepping until the wee hours of the morning, chefs still have to eat breakfasts. Whether it’s a hearty plate of eggs and bacon or a tall stack of pancakes, these kitchen masterminds always know exactly where to find the best meals in town, and breakfast is no exception.

So we asked twelve of Dallas’ best chefs to dish on their favorite (sometimes secret) breakfast spots. If you happen to catch one of these chefs in the wild, leave them be – they're known to be a little cantankerous, especially while eating.

Andrea Meyer, Bisous Bisous Patisserie

"Sundays are my only day off and The Grape is my go to brunch spot.  I'm a total creature of habit so I always get Chef's revver-upper go-go juice (translation: double espresso latte) and the biscuits and gravy.  I know there are tons of awesome menu items there, but I always miss the biscuits and gravy if I don't get them!  A savory breakfast is always my choice – I get plenty of sweets at Bisous Bisous!

Dennis Kelley, LARK On The Park

"When my parents are in town from Boston, Melody and I always take them to the classic Barbec’s for breakfast. They all always order the special of two eggs, bacon or sausage and hash browns with a side of biscuits and gravy, of course. I usually order one of their omelettes.  They have a great list of "kitchen sink" omelettes to choose from so you really can’t go wrong."

Brian Luscher, The Grape & Luscher’s Red Hots

I am a long time fan of Melios Bros. Char Bar on lowest Greenville. Get the steak and eggs or a ham and cheese omelet, easy on the ham. I love the breakfast schnitzel and the sticky buns at Crossroads Diner, and they make the best pancakes in Dallas. Original Market Diner’s pork chops and eggs are always cooled "rosé" and juicy. Better than most high-end restaurants. I also like the pecan pancakes and the service. When in doubt, Waffle House.

Sarah Snow, The Grape

"I spent years (I feel like) trying to scope out the best chilaquiles in Dallas. Chilaquiles are a staple in all of the Mexican restaurants where I grew up and I haven't been able to find any remotely close until recently. Fondita la Pecosa in the Harry Hines Bazaar is the real deal. Their guizo verde sopes are awesome as well. Big love to Crossroads Diner. I enjoy the traditional eggs benedict or the corned beef hash. Always have to start with the sticky bun for a shared appetizer!"

Suki Otsuki, Mudhen Meat & Greens

My favorite breakfast in town by far is Crossroads Diner. Everything is spot on and the atmosphere is welcoming. When it comes to breakfast, I'm a sucker for a good Benedict and the one at Crossroads is perfect!

Chef Cody Sharp, Filament

I don’t typically eat breakfast, but when I do its normally really late at night. I will always have a soft spot for Waffle House, but I also really love the breakfast pastries at CBD Provisions and the eggs Meurette at Boulevardier. Another spot that I have grown to love is Crossroads Diner. Tom Fleming really has breakfast nailed down.

Blythe Beck, Pink Magnolia

Southern Maid Donuts on Davis! They make the best lattes in the world. I like to top it off with 2 pigs in a blanket or spicy breakfast tacos. If you don't love that, they have donuts, pink donut holes (my fave of course) and the best apple fritters. They are always so friendly and happy to see you. I love my neighbors, we see each other quite often. Oh, and they have a drive-thru. Yes please!

Joel Fried, Tacodeli

CiboDivino's Croissant Breakfast. It is freaking amazing. Fresh cooked fried eggs, melted cheese, awesome bacon on a buttery croissant. It was so comforting to us during the opening of our Dallas Tacodeli location.

Taylor Kearney, Front Room Tavern

Depending on the day, you can either find me at the Circle Grill off of Buckner in Lakewood or Kuby’s in Highland Park. At the Circle Grill, the chicken fried steak and eggs with buttermilk biscuits (drenched in gravy and jelly) never let me down. At Kuby’s, it’s hard to go wrong with anything. Some of my favorites are the potato pancakes with sour cream and the Kasseler Ripchen, pork chops with eggs. Both are amazing, even better eaten together.

Sandy Bussey, bbbop Seoul Kitchen

When I get the luxury of not having to get to the restaurant to prep, I love to eat breakfast at El Jordan. Their migas are an awesome deal at $6.50 a plate and the salsa is just the right amount of heat. I always ask for them to add a couple of jalapeños to the eggs.

Danyele McPherson, Remedy & HG SPLY CO.

My favorite breakfast is at All Good Cafe.  I always get the Mexican Breakfast.  It comes with 2 eggs any style (I roll with over hard), salsa, black beans, corn tortillas and a cup of coffee.  I always add a side of bacon, avocado and raw onion.  I love raw onion.  It makes pretty much everything better in my opinion.  Throw in a couple bites from my boyfriend's plate of pancakes and I'm set.

Richard Blankenship, CBD Provisions

"Kirin Court is more of a brunch spot, but you have to get there before 10:30 a.m. to avoid the crowds on the weekends, so that's breakfast hours for me. The dim sum is awesome, and the ambience is great, too."

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