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Super Bowl Food PSA: Dallas Restaurants With Killer Take Out Specials

Your options include barbecue, wings, and Meatzilla.

Meatzilla will feed everyone in your neighborhood on Super Bowl Sunday.
Meatzilla will feed everyone in your neighborhood on Super Bowl Sunday.

As great as it is to enjoy the Super Bowl in a crowded bar, sometimes you just want to stay at home and watch the game in your couch while wearing comfy pants. Still, snacks are a requirement, and wouldn’t you rather watch the game instead of standing over the stove all day?

Instead of dragging out the crock pot or ordering terrible take-out, let one of these five Dallas restaurants do the cooking for you.

Pecan Lodge

Treat your Super Bowl guests to Dallas’ best barbecue in the comfort of your own living room. Pecan Lodge is now taking orders for Super Bowl fare, including whole smoked briskets ($135) and racks of ribs ($48). Orders must be placed online by Friday, February 5th at 4 p.m., and you can pick up your meaty bounty on Super Bowl Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Image credit: Robert Strickland/Eater

Luscher's Red Hots

Luscher's Dog

Hot dogs are an obvious choice for game day, but Luscher’s will seriously step up your tube meat game. A dozen Post Oak Red Hots, served with pain au lait buns and all the fixings, will run you $36.95, or you can choose one of Luscher’s other stellar sausages to feed your crowd. Scope out the menu here, and place your order 4 p.m. on Friday, February 5th for pick-up on Saturday or Sunday.

Image credit: Luscher's/Facebook

Chino Chinatown

Skip the boring chain-restaurant wings and order up saucy chicken lollipops or spicy Valentina hot wings for just $18 per dozen. Each order comes with celery, carrots, and jalapeño buttermilk ranch dipping sauce. Place your order by Saturday, February 6th before 5 p.m., and pick your wings up on Sunday before 3 p.m.

Image credit: Chino Chinatown/Facebook

CBD Provisions

CBD Pig’s Head

Nothing says "crowd-pleaser" like a roasted pig’s head, and CBD Provisions can provide your meaty meal centerpiece. For $65, you can score your own half pig’s head served with corn tortillas, tortilla chips, salsas, and guacamole. Each half-head serves 4-6 people. Orders must be placed by February 6, and can be picked up on Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Image credit: CBD Provisions

Zoli's NY Pizza

For a truly epic Super Bowl feast, be one of the first ten people to order a full Meatzilla at Zoli’s NY Pizza, a garlic-knot crusted, meat-stuffed pizza with an entire pepperoni pizza on top. Only ten Meatzillas will be available, and can be ordered in advance by calling the restaurant starting today. If you miss out on the Meatzilla, score two 18", one-topping pizzas with a salad for $50. Zoli’s will be open from 12-6 p.m on Sunday for pick-up.

Image credit: Zoli's

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