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Crossroads Diner Will Open In Its New Location Today

The move also brings a new and improved menu to the beloved diner.

Crossroads Diner is back and better than ever.
Crossroads Diner is back and better than ever.
Crossroads Diner/Facebook
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Everyone from chefs to non-foodies loves Crossroads Diner, the North Dallas breakfast spot famous for its pancakes and massive sticky buns. Last month, we learned that the longstanding diner would reopen in a brand new location in the coming weeks, and the date has finally arrived.

Announced today, Crossroads Diner will reopen its doors on Tuesday, February 8 at the corner of Preston and Campbell in the Preston Trail Village Shopping Plaza. The new location can seat more than 200 people, and also features "two well-appointed private rooms" and free WiFi.

"We are so excited to share our new home with our loyal customers and we look forward to getting to know our new neighbors in the N. Dallas area and beyond," Crossroads Diner owner and chef Tom Fleming said via release.

The new menu will still include old favorites, including those famous sticky buns and Crossroads’ hearty corned beef hash. New to the menu are the restaurant’s breakfast tostadas, a gluten-free waffle, and house-cured salmon.

As in the past, Crossroads Diner will be open Tuesday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., and can be reserved for special events in one of those "well appointed" rooms after hours.