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Heartbreaking: Zoli's Will Close On Valentine's Day

The impending closure comes sooner than expected.

Dallas is losing a totally mint pizza option, bro. At least for now.
Dallas is losing a totally mint pizza option, bro. At least for now.

Since last year, we’ve known that Zoli’s, Jay Jerrier’s take on the New York-style slice, would be closing its doors. Construction on a forthcoming multi-use project from Alamo Manhattan threatened the restaurant’s location, and sent Zoli’s looking for a new home. Now, it appears that the restaurant will have to close much sooner than expected.

CultureMap reports that Zoli’s NY Pizza will serve up its last slices on Sunday, February 14. "The building is in dire need of massive and very expensive repairs, and we want to get out of there before the place becomes uninhabitable and collapses on itself like Poltergeist," Jerrier told CultureMap’s Teresa Gubbins.

As heartbreaking as this news is, there is a silver lining: Zoli’s plans to reopen its doors in a new location by the end of this summer. As of now, Jerrier is scoping out locations in North Dallas, which is significantly better than losing the concept to Houston altogether. In the interim, pizza whiz Lee Hunzinger and the rest of Zoli’s staff will be dispatched to outposts of Jerrier’s other pizza concept, Cane Rosso.

Here’s hoping that the new location opens sooner rather than later, and that you’re able to get your last slice of Grandma-style pie before Zoli’s as you’ve always known it is gone for good.

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