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Vetted Well Is Now Serving Up Biscuit Beignets & Boilermakers Inside The New Alamo Drafthouse

Private karaoke rooms await

Vetted Well is more than your average movie theatre bar.
Vetted Well is more than your average movie theatre bar.
Vetted Well/Facebook
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Alamo Drafthouse, with their snarky pre-movie commercials and cheesy Dirty Dancing sing-a-longs, is an incredibly welcome addition to The Cedars. The neighborhood hasn’t had a movie theatre in more than 16 years, but the arrival also brings an exciting new restaurant-bar concept to the south-of-Downtown neighborhood that seems to be growing by the minute.

Enter Vetted Well, an entirely different kind of restaurant option than anything Alamo Drafthouse has ever offered before. According to GuideLive, owner Bill DiGaetano decided to diverge from the restaurant's Glass Half Full Taproom concept "in hopes of shattering the notion attendees have to see a movie to enjoy the space."

You can definitely catch a movie after grabbing a cocktail or two, like the aptly-named Cedar Fever mixed with pine essence and Old Tom gin, at Vetted Well’s bar. But should you find yourself uninterested in any of the films on the marquee, you can put on your own show of sorts in the bar’s private karaoke rooms. The rooms, each with their own specific theme like Space Invaders or Lego, can be rented out hourly and seat between 6-20 people.

As far as the food is concerned, Vetted Well offers a short but substantial menu of salads, snacks, and heartier entrees. If you’re not particularly hungry, biscuit beignets topped with rum caramel and Framboise syrup or pub cheese spread spiked with Lakewood Temptress will fit the bill. For those feeling more peckish, a 24-hour brined pork chop atop a bacon cheddar waffle is more suitable.

Boilermakers have a prominent place on Vetted Well’s cocktail menu, pairing local beers with a variety of whiskeys. If you’re feeling particularly tough, go for the Big Ball, a duo of Monkey Shoulder blended scotch & Oak Highlands Freaky Deaky Tripel, or keep it classy with the Grassy Knoll, a combo of mellow corn whiskey and Miller High Life.

Vetted Well opens at 11 a.m. seven days a week, and stays open until 2 a.m. on the weekends, giving The Cedars a much-needed late night dining option.