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On National Pi Day, Show Off Your Math Skills At Emporium Pies

ALERT: there's free pie involved

Who'd have thought that math would one day earn you pie?
Who'd have thought that math would one day earn you pie?
Emporium Pies/Facebook
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Even if you’re not particularly good at math, you probably know that tomorrow is National Pi Day, a celebration of the magical number that represents the ratio of a circle’s diameter to its circumference. If you happen to have a deep understanding of this crucial number, it could earn you free pie.

Serious math nerds will want to head to Emporium Pies today for a serious challenge. If you can recite pi to the twentieth digit – just knowing 3.14 won’t cut it – you can earn your nerdy self a free slice of pie. If ever you’ve wondered if your obsession with math would pay off, today is the day to realize that dream as you claim your free slice of apple or chocolate silk pie.

Considering that Emporium Pies probably would not exist without this most important of ratios, they’ll also celebrate by offering savory pies for lunch and dinner and other unnamed surprises. You’ll also find three flavors of “pie tarts,” Emporium’s riff on the classic breakfast pastry made with their flaky pie crust, including strawberry-balsamic with goat cheese frosting and blackberry with sweet corn frosting.

You and your math skills can claim your free slice of pie at both Emporium Pies locations in McKinney and the Bishop Arts District all day long. If you don't have pi memorized, nobody’s going to blame you if you write a cheat sheet on your hand – there’s pie at stake, after all.

Emporium Pies

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