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Stephan Pyles Will Shutter For Good On April 30

Get ready to say your goodbyes to this Ross Ave institution

Just over a month left to dine in these swanky surroundings.
Just over a month left to dine in these swanky surroundings.
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We’ve long known that Stephan Pyles, the chef’s iconic eponymous restaurant on Ross Ave, would be closing its doors as Pyles continues his culinary progression. Last year when the closure announced, Pyles planned to close the restaurant in March 2016, but it appears that you’ll have at least a little bit longer to order up that Heaven & Hell cake in its original setting.

Today, Eater Drinks reports that Stephan Pyles’ final day of service will be April 30. A spokesperson for Pyles confirmed the date, and noted that Pyles has plans in the works to host a going away shindig for his ten-year-old restaurant. More details on that are forthcoming, but in the meantime, Pyles is readying his new spot in the Arts District, Flora Street Cafe.

Pyles hasn’t revealed much about the cuisine he plans to offer at Flora Street Cafe, but sommelier Madeleine Thompson gave Eater Drinks a look at the forthcoming restaurant’s wine program, which will "dive deeper into the sustainable/organic space," and focus on locally sourced wines.

This story is still developing. Stay tuned for more details.