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Frisco To Consider Reversing Its Ban On Dog Friendly Patios

Who even knew this was a thing?

Scenes like this at Mutts Canine Cantina could soon become common in Frisco.
Scenes like this at Mutts Canine Cantina could soon become common in Frisco.
Mutts Canine Cantina/Facebook
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Considering Dallas-Fort Worth’s affinity for patios, most restaurants make their outdoor space friendly for all comers, including furry friends. But in Frisco, a city ordinance prohibits restaurants from allowing pets on restaurant patios, a rule that could soon be changing if local restaurants and residents have their way.

NBC DFW reports that the Frisco City Council will convene next month to consider a city-wide dog-friendly patio ordinance. The proposal, which would allow dogs into outdoor spaces only, comes with a number of stipulations. Restaurants will be required to post “dog-friendly” signs on entrances, only allow pets in outdoor spaces, and employees will not be allowed to interact with pets.

Unlike other dog-friendly concepts – notably Addison’s Lazy Dog Grill and Mutts Canine Cantina, which offer an entire menu for four-legged creatures – Frisco restaurants will not be allowed to serve food to dogs on the patio. They can, however, offer water to parched pets in disposable containers. Employees will also be required to clean the patio hourly.

The Frisco City Council is expected to vote on the dog-friendly patio proposal when they meet on April 5.