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Prepare Yourself For Bar Cart, Dallas' First Watering Hole On Wheels

Yup, you read that right: a bar on wheels.

Easy Slider will soon have a boozy baby sister.
Easy Slider will soon have a boozy baby sister.
Easy Slider
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If there’s one thing that’s bad about your neighborhood bar, it’s that you have to go to it. Consuming alcohol would be infinitely more convenient if your favorite drinking spot could be relocated to a spot of your choosing, and that’s exactly what the minds behind Easy Slider plan to do.

Yesterday, Easy Slider dropped the first hints of their latest concept, a mobile bar on wheels called Bar Cart. According to Bar Cart’s newly-minted Instagram account, the bar will operate out of a 1961 vintage camper customized by Dallas’ own 44Build Design & Fabrication. Like Easy Slider, you can expect for Bar Cart to rove around the city, plying all comers with boozy goodness. Check it:

We are over the moon for this little baby that 44Build built out and customized for us! THAT IS A MOBILE BAR, Y'ALL. Not...

Posted by Easy Slider Truck on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

In case you were wondering whether or not this concept might run afoul of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission’s notoriously strict rules on where booze can be served, that’s a pretty damn good question. TABC currently bans food trucks from serving alcohol to patrons unless they meet certain standards, like enough seating space and offering public restrooms. But because Bar Cart isn’t a food truck, the rules could be different.

Despite the perennial buzzkill that is the TABC, Bar Cart plans to be mobile by Summer 2016, but no word yet on whether or not it will make appearances at local food truck hotspots or only be available for private rentals. Stay tuned for more details.