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European-Inspired Zephyr Bakery Cafe Has Opened On Cedar Springs

Nutella cupcakes and brioche French toast await.

Zephyr Bakery Cafe sure knows how to make French countryside look cozy.
Zephyr Bakery Cafe sure knows how to make French countryside look cozy.
Zephyr Bakery Cafe
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Dallas’ already strong cafe scene just got a little stronger with the addition of Zephyr Bakery Cafe, a new concept from Dallas restaurateur Daniel Sikora. The brand spanking new eatery just opened its doors at 4001 Cedar Springs Road, and they’re bringing a little European influence to this perpetually vibrant neighborhood.

"We wanted a neighborly, nostalgic feel that was warm and inviting to our guests," said Sikora, who modeled the restaurant as an extension of his home, "where French countryside meets rustic Italian market." The plates, including bacon-wrapped dates and pimiento cheese deviled eggs, though, have a decidedly more American feel.

You may remember Sikora from a decidedly bizarre story from a few years back, involving Cedar Springs Thai spot Thairiffic. As D Magazine reported in 2012, Sikora unexpectedly fired Chef Kyla Phomsavanh after a financial dispute, which forced the restaurant to close for two days after the staff sided with Phomsavanh and left Thairiffic understaffed. It has since reopened without incident.

Here’s hoping that things go a little more smoothly for Zephyr Bakery Cafe, which officially opened its doors on Wednesday. Closed on Mondays, Zephyr is open for breakfast starting at 7 a.m. daily, and lunch and dinner are served until 10 p.m. on the weekdays, 11 p.m. on the weekends. In the coming weeks, late night dining service will be added.