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5 Tequila Spiked Cocktails To Drink This Weekend

Like you needed a reason to drink tequila

Remedy's Wild Card No. 1 brings tequila into a classic mix.
Remedy's Wild Card No. 1 brings tequila into a classic mix.
Kathryn Kemp

Welcome to Something For The Weekend, a recurring weekly column that takes a peek at some of Dallas’ most exciting cocktails, which may help you answer a question you find yourself asking every single Friday: "Where should I drink this weekend?"

National Tequila Day is Sunday, July 24. In celebration of this most important of holidays, this week’s guide to Dallas’ hottest cocktails features drinks made with the agave-based libation.  This weekend, salute tequila by trying one, two, or all five of these fabulous concoctions.

Ginger Margarita, Cook Hall

This is not your average margarita. El Jimador Reposado tequila, Cointreau, house made ginger syrup, lime and specially blended ginger salt come together to create a refreshing, slightly spicy margarita on the rocks with a nice herbaceous punch.

Image credit: Cook Hall

Wildcard No. 1, Remedy

Inspired by the Ramos Gin Fizz, this cocktail combines reposado tequila with pistachio orgeat, lemon, egg white, cream and soda for a south-of-the-border style take on the classic drink. Decadent yet light, this cocktail is perfect for the season.

Image credit: Kathryn Kemp

Ancho Del Rey, Street's Fine Chicken

You can't go wrong with a little sweet heat. Cabeza Tequila, fresh lime juice, house made smoked ancho chili syrup, with an ancho salted rim. The house made smoked ancho chili syrup adds a unique, flavorful twist on this otherwise classic margarita.

Image credit: Street's Fine Chicken

Santa Anna, Wayward Sons

Instead of tequila, try mezcal for a smoky spin on a traditional fruity cocktail. Mezcal, ancho chiles, jalapeño and apricot come together creating a cocktail with sweet burn and smokey flavor. For this drink, apricot pairs well with the sweet and smoky ancho chiles and the rich heat of the jalapeños.

Image credit: Allison McLean

Berry Good, Stampede 66

This cocktail employs a technique called nitro muddling, the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze components of a cocktail while muddling them down to powdery perfection. Nitro muddled mint and berries are combined with lime juice, Casamigos Reposado, hibiscus tea, and St. Germain for a cocktail with multiple levels of freshness.

Image credit: Stampede 66