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Scorned Attorney Threatens Dallas-Area Restaurant With $2.25 Soup Lawsuit

No soup = legal troubles for one restaurant

Our Place in Mansfield
Our Place in Mansfield
Our Place/Facebook
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Perhaps the least controversial of foods, soup isn’t exactly the kind of fare that’s likely to cause a commotion. Last week, though, a freebie bowl of soup meant potential legal woes for a mom and pop restaurant in Mansfield.

WFAA reports that Our Place, a cozy country kitchen serving up standards like chicken fried steak and homemade pie since 1985, was slapped with a lawsuit for $2.25 in damages and $250 in attorney’s fees after failing to provide a customer with a "freebie" bowl of soup that typically accompanies lunch or dinner.

Attorney at law (and soup enthusiast) Dwain Downing notified Our Place of the lawsuit via letter last Thursday, alleging that the restaurant had engaged in "deceptive trade practices" by claiming that soup was served with the meal.

Read the full letter here:

Our Place responded to the lawsuit in their own unique way, offering all patrons 10% off their bill for bringing in cans of soup to donate to the local food bank. As for Mr. Downing, he has since acknowledged to WFAA that the menu at Our Place specifically states that the soup is available "while supplies last."

According to the letter, Our Place has ten days to respond to the lawsuit.