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Cody Sharp OUT As Executive Chef At Filament

The departure comes just weeks after Filament earned four stars

Where will he go next?
Where will he go next?
Kathy Tran [EDFW]
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In the beginning, it seemed that Cody Sharp and Matt McCallister were a culinary match made in heaven. Before joining Filament, Sharp was a young up-and-comer with a solid reputation, and landing the job at McCallister’s second highly-anticipated restaurant was a serious boost for the hard-working chef’s resume.

Now, though, it appears as if, like most other good things, Sharp’s tenure at the four-star restaurant has come to an end. Escape Hatch Dallas reports that Sharp is gone, and a representative for Filament has confirmed Sharp’s departure via email.

"As of this past weekend, Cody Sharp is no longer involved with Filament. Cody played a strong part of our opening staff and we wish him the best in his future endeavors," read the statement. "We've built an incredibly capable team and are fully confident that we will continue to offer the modern Southern cuisine our guests have come to know and love. Josh Sutcliff, FT33 Chef de Cuisine, will be in the Filament kitchen for the foreseeable future."

Filament opened its doors back in December, and has since become a neighborhood favorite thanks to Sharp’s southern-influenced dishes. Dallas Morning News critic Leslie Brenner awarded the restaurant four stars, saying that Sharp’s cooking "sings," and has since included two of Filament’s dishes on her list of Dallas’ best.

Neither McCallister or Sharp have commented directly on the departure, but Eater has reached out to both chefs. Stay tuned for more details.