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Austin’s Haymaker Will Bring Craft Beer & Poutine To Lower Greenville This Spring

A new spot for “regionally inspired comfort sandwiches”

Haymaker's original Austin location
Haymaker's original Austin location
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Lower Greenville’s restaurant scene continues to grow with the arrival of Haymaker, a comfort food and craft beer concept that's straight out of Austin.

The concept announced its Dallas arrival back in November, and now we've got a first look at the space via Haymaker Dallas' newly-minted Facebook page. Construction is already underway at 1520 Greenville Ave, take a look at the progress below:

We are coming for you Dallas!

Posted by Haymaker Dallas on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Haymaker originally opened in Austin in 2013, and its arrival was highly anticipated. The concept is known for its cheeky takes on poutine, including a Southern-style version smothered with peppered cream gravy and bacon. The Dallas location is Haymaker's second and first expansion out of Austin. Of the concept, former Eater Austin editor Meghan McCarron writes:

Haymaker's website says they've tried to recreate "the simple, neighborhood bars of the Midwest and Northeast." With so many folks migrating from those areas to Austin, perhaps Haymaker has hit a nostalgia nerve. Or maybe it's just that the East Side was ready for huge, cheese-y sandwiches and craft beer during football season. Either way, the team behind Black Sheep Lodge knows what they're doing.

No opening date has yet been announced, but the poutine scene on Lower Greenville is set to expand at some point in Spring 2016.