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Construction Is Creating A Tough Situation For Some Lower Greenville Restaurants

Have you avoided the neighborhood?

Wabi House's patio isn't quite so enjoyable with all the construction
Wabi House's patio isn't quite so enjoyable with all the construction
Kyla Davidson [EDFW]
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Dallas is a city perpetually under construction, and that’s especially true in the neighborhoods where growth can only be described as explosive, like Lower Greenville. The past few years have brought a dizzying number of new restaurants, bars, and other establishments to the area, and it appears if the changes are creating a few growing pains.

CBS 11 reports that construction work will continue throughout the summer on Greenville Ave, which is causing some real problems for restaurants in the area. "Definitely looks like someone dropped a few bombs on the concrete," Wabi House manager Jose Sillas told CBS 11. "They see all the construction on the outside and they figure we’re closed. So they just don’t even bother coming in."

According to Sillas, the City of Dallas originally promised that construction would be wrapped up by the end of spring. Councilman Philip Kingston says the delays were caused by utilities that were much more damaged than previously expected. The heavy rains experienced across the Metroplex are also no doubt a factor, likely causing work stoppages and slowing down development.

Construction is set to continue on Lower Greenville until August. Have you avoided the area or experienced any issues due to the construction? Sound off in the comments.