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Amsterdam Falafelshop Kicks Open The Doors In Deep Ellum Tomorrow

Fried chickpeas everywhere

A D.C. outpost of Amsterdam Falafelshop
A D.C. outpost of Amsterdam Falafelshop
Amsterdam Falafelshop/Facebook
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Dallas’ first falafel-focused concept has officially arrived. Amsterdam Falafelshop, a Washington, D.C. fast casual concept that has been expanding at an impressive clip, will kick open the doors this week to spread the joy of mashed and fried chickpeas.

Announced via release, Amsterdam Falafelshop will open Friday, May 13 at 2651 Commerce Street. The concept is known for its falafel (obviously), which can be served in freshly-made pita or a bowl. Whichever you choose, more than a dozen topping options (ranging from veggies to tzatziki) will gild the lily.

Also on offer is frieten, or Dutch-style fries, which can also be topped with all those tasty accoutrements. A license to serve beer is still pending, but a few brews (Heineken, Stella, Hoegaarden) will be available on draught when that is approved. Also exciting is the fact that Amsterdam Falafelshop will keep its doors open until 3 a.m. Wednesday through Saturday.

If you’re itching for a taste of falafel, head to Amsterdam Falafelshop at 11 a.m. tomorrow, at which time the doors officially open.