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Kate Weiser Chocolate Is Expanding to NorthPark Center

More chocolate is never a bad thing

Taking over the world, one bananas foster bonbon at a time.
Taking over the world, one bananas foster bonbon at a time.
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It would appear that Trinity Groves, West Dallas' restaurant incubator, has its first smash success in Kate Weiser Chocolate. Alongside being named one of the best chocolatiers in the world last year, Weiser is currently getting ready to expand her upscale sweets shop to a brand new location.

post to Kate Weiser Chocolate's Instagram page confirms the new location, planned for a space adjacent to Neiman Marcus and Tiffany & Co. at NorthPark Center. Clearly, Weiser knows how to choose the right company.

Scope out a photo of the new space below:

This isn't Weiser's first flirtation with expansion. Last year around the holiday season, she launched a long-term pop-up at the Shops At Legacy, saying at the time that it was a "try out" of sorts for future locations.

The NorthPark outpost of Kate Weiser Chocolate is expected to open "late this summer." In the meantime, you'll still have to schlep to Trinity Groves for one of those champagne-filled bonbons or a macaron ice cream sandwich.

Kate Weiser Chocolate

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