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Step Inside Amsterdam Falafelshop, Now Slinging Pita & Bowls In Deep Ellum

Catch a glimpse at your new favorite lunch spot

Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Dallas isn't exactly littered with restaurants that focus on the fried wonder that is falafel, but now this most perfect of pita fillings has its very own place to shine in Amsterdam Falafelshop, Deep Ellum's latest eatery and Dallas proper's first falafel joint.

Amsterdam Falafelshop kicked open the doors last week, offering perfectly fried falafel that can be wrapped in fresh, warm pita or placed atop a bowl of lettuce or rice. Then, the bowl is topped with one (or more) of a dozen accoutrements, like hummus and fresh veggies.

The restaurant features an open-air counter, where diners can enjoy their falafel-stuffed pitas al fresco along with plenty of indoor seating and that DIY toppings bar. Eater photographer Kathy Tran headed to Deep Ellum for a first glimpse.