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Scope Out The Menu For Butcher Board, Sugarbacon’s New Sibling In Downtown McKinney

Spoiler alert: it's meaty

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Butcher Board's "rustic industrial" vibe
Butcher Board's "rustic industrial" vibe
Butcher Board
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Since opening in Downtown McKinney just less than a year ago, Sugarbacon has been serving up killer cuisine in the ‘burbs. To keep the momentum going, Sugarbacon chef Jon Thompson announced that he would open Butcher Board, a quick-service concept that would open up just next door.

Today, you can catch your first glimpse of the concept’s meaty new menu. Announced via release, Butcher Board will open its doors on Wednesday, May 25 right next door to Sugarbacon. This concept is decidedly more casual than its neighbor, offering cheffy sandwiches and sides in a “rustic industrial and casual space.”

The menu will feature hand-carved meats from primal cuts delivered to the restaurant and locally-baked bread from Village Baking Co. Look forward to housemade garlic-herb crusted porchetta topped with apple-jalapeno relish, mozzarella stuffed meatballs, and for the vegetarians, a roasted veggies. Craft beers, sides, and desserts will also be on offer.

Scope out the menu for Butcher Board below, then make plans to head to the ‘burbs next week.

Butcher Board McKinney Menu