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Off-Leash Dogs Incite Nasty Brawl At Truck Yard

One owner had to be restrained

Truck Yard's patio in more serene times
Truck Yard's patio in more serene times
Truck Yard
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Generally, dog-friendly patios don’t cause too much controversy. Outside of a few spilled water bowls or a rowdy customer or two, the experience tends to be pretty tame. Over the weekend, though, Lower Greenville's most popular patio was the setting for a nasty brawl that ultimately involved both dogs and owners.

The Lakewood Advocate reports that the scuffle went down on Sunday at Truck Yard, when two pit bulls entered the restaurant’s outdoor patio without collars or leashes. One of the dogs attacked a golden retriever that was also on the patio, which forced a Truck Yard bouncer to intervene and separate the dogs, one of whom had to be subdued for more than half an hour until authorities came to place it in quarantine.

The situation escalated as the aggressive dog’s owner was handcuffed and cited for the incident. "The situation was handled quickly and professionally with very minor scratches to the other dog involved, and I only have a few scuffs from the gravel," says the bouncer. "People don’t need to be afraid to come to the Truck Yard; this wasn’t a big deal. Just a reminder we have the doggie rules for a reason, safety."

Truck Yard has not said whether or not it will review or revise its dog-friendly policy, only that the incident could have been avoided if the dog’s owner had followed existing rules.

Truck Yard

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