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Feast Your Eyes On Vivo 53's Massive New Insane Sundaes, Garnished With Macarons & Ice Cream Sandwiches

For those times when dessert needs to be dinner

Amy McCarthy is a staff writer at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

It's nearly impossible to be surprised to say that anything is over the top in Dallas-Fort Worth. It's always been said that everything is bigger in Texas, and DFW's recent dessert trends – think ice cream stuffed donuts and chocolate piñatas filled with churros – are doing their best to prove that point.

At Fort Worth's Vivo 53, though, the sundae is getting a particularly epic makeover. Introduced this weekend, the pizzeria has officially launched a new dessert menu featuring its "Insane Sundaes," a moniker that isn't too far off.

These massive sundaes, garnished with everything from an entire ice cream sandwich to delicate macarons and crushed pistachios, look much more like a meal than a refreshing way to finish dinner. Scope out these epic confections above – and good luck deciding which you'd like to try first.