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Brace Yourselves: Waffle House Is Coming To Oak Cliff

The 24-hour breakfast purveyor is taking over Dallas

More Waffle House is never a bad thing.
More Waffle House is never a bad thing.
Waffle House/Facebook
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It’s a scientific fact that everyone loves Waffle House. The combination of hangover smashing grease and some of the best people-watching on the planet is too irresistible to pass up after a long night at the bar. As such, Dallasites can soon get excited for more opportunities to satiate their cravings for all things smothered and covered.

Oak Cliff Advocate reports that Waffle House will open a location at 3700 W. Illinois in Oak Cliff in the coming weeks. This location, one of eighteen planned for the DFW area, comes just months after the Ross Avenue outpost opened its doors in East Dallas.

Notably, the expansion seems to indicate that Waffle House is switching up their business model. "This store and the one on Ross, which are on busy streets but off the highway, indicate a new strategy with Waffle House locations, which typically have been placed on busy interstate highways," writes the Advocate’s Rachel Stone.

The Oak Cliff Waffle House is expected to open at some point in June. In the meantime, you’ll have to head to East Dallas for those hashbrowns.