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Get Ready To Party: Dallas Is Finally Getting A Tiki Lounge

Umbrella drink enthusiasts, rejoice

Tiki on, Dallas
Tiki on, Dallas
Swizzle Luau Lounge/Facebook
Amy McCarthy is a staff writer at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Since the closure of Trader Vic’s, the tiki scene in Dallas has been a little lacking. Umbrella drinks enthusiasts have a few places in town to imbibe in a good Mai Tai or Cobra’s Fang, but no bars entirely dedicated to all things tiki, like Houston’s Lei Low or Chicago’s Three Dots And A Dash.

That will all soon change as Swizzle Luau Lounge plans to open its doors in the coming months. Swizzle owner Jen Reyes confirms to Eater that she and and co-owner Marty Reyes are currently in the “preliminary stages” of building out a location in an as-yet-undisclosed location.

“I say preliminary, but we have been working on this spot since last June,” says Reyes. “We have decided to take this time while waiting for build-out to start a buzz in this city. A tiki bar is coming and it is about time!”

In fact, Swizzle Luau Lounge is already building the hype. Throughout the month of May, Marty Reyes will host Mai Tai Mondays at Green Door Public House. In June, the duo will host a tiki-themed dinner at the restaurant, where they’ll take over the bar and restaurant to showcase the cocktails they plan to serve, alongside a five-course dinner and hula show.

“My husband and I live and breathe tiki culture. We even have a tiki room in our house, complete with two bars and hanging birds off bamboo mat ceilings,” says Reyes. “We travel all over the country to tiki bars to collect their mugs and experience their drinks and atmosphere. Dallas is ready for a hidden gem like this, they're ready for us. It's time for some tiki-tastic excitement and we are proud to bring it to them!”

No word yet on an official opening timeline, but you can purchase tickets for the Polynesian Pop-Up at Green Door Public House via Swizzle Luau Lounge’s website. $65 gets you dinner, a show, and a souvenir tiki mug.