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Eat Bugs For Charity At Taste Of Dallas This Weekend

Insects are the protein of the future, after all

Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

You probably don’t have too many insects in your diet – at least that you know of – but at this weekend’s Taste of Dallas, you can acquaint yourself with the flavors of bugs of all kinds while doing a little good.

The festivities kick off for Taste of Dallas on Friday, June 3, and plenty of Dallas’ best restaurants will be showcasing their wares at Fair Park. On Saturday, though, Presto-X, a national pest control company, plans to host a “pestaurant,” where diners can line up to taste delicious(?) worms and crickets.

For every creepy-crawly creature consumed on Saturday, Presto-X will donate $1 to the North Texas Food Bank. The “pestaurant” will also host bug eating contests throughout the day, where bug enthusiasts can win prizes for their ability to consume as many crickets and worms as humanly possible.

If the bug-eating doesn’t sound like something you’re into, you can still enjoy the Taste of Dallas at Fair Park all weekend long. More than 45 local eateries, including Fletcher’s Corny Dogs, will be showing off their wares for less than $5. Score your tickets at Fiesta Mart, Albertson's or Walgreens for $14 in advance, or be prepared to pay $20 at the door.