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Activists Plan Mi Cocina & Taco Diner Protests Ahead Of Donald Trump’s Visit To Dallas [UPDATED]

Mi Cocina’s owner is a major Trump fundraiser

Taco Diner could be the site of protests this weekend
Taco Diner could be the site of protests this weekend
Taco Diner/Facebook
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Generally, Tex-Mex isn’t a particularly controversial thing. It’s something that people of all political stripes can agree is totally delicious. That is, of course, unless you happen to be the owner of one of Dallas’ most popular Tex-Mex chains and a Donald Trump supporter.

NBC 5 reports that Accion America, a local Latino activist group, has plans to boycott Taco Diner and Mi Cocina, both owned by restaurateur Ray Washburne. In addition to his restaurants, Washburne is also a prominent Republican fundraiser and vice chairman of the Trump Victory Committee. He is expected to host a fundraising event when Trump visits next week.

Carlos Quintanilla, head of Accion America, is already planning protests at the restaurants, starting Saturday at the Taco Diner at 4011 Villanova St. "We're asking people not to eat his garbage tacos," Quintanilla told NBC 5. "We have called for a massive mobilization. We cannot permit Donald Trump to simply come into Dallas, which is a majority Latino city, and collect money and continue to attack our community."

Eater has reached out to Washburne’s M Crowd Restaurant Group for comment, and will update this post with any details.

UPDATE: Washburne responded to D Magazine's request for comment, and has denied that he will host a dinner for Trump next week. He also alleges that he has received death threats and has hired full-time security for his home in light of this news.

"Look up this Carlos guy," Washburne told D Magazine's Nancy Nichols. "He’s got a rap sheet a mile long and has warrants out for his arrest. I had my marketing people call him and tell him I am not doing a dinner. He is only hurting the 2,000 people, most of them Hispanics, that work in my restaurants, but he didn’t care."