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Braindead Brewing's New Concept Will Bring Fish Tacos And Hawaiian Poke Bowls To Deep Ellum

It's about time someone considered tacos

Braindead Brewing has a new great patio up its sleeve
Braindead Brewing has a new great patio up its sleeve
Braindead Brewing/Facebook
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The patio at Braindead Brewing has quickly become one of the best places to chill in Deep Ellum, and for good reason – the food is great, and the beer is even better. Clearly, the minds behind this popular brewpub have Deep Ellum figured out, and they’re hoping to soon fill one of the neighborhood’s most prescient needs: tacos.

D Magazine reports that Braindead Brewing’s Sam Wynne will open Tacos & Bowls, bringing what may be the city's most straightforward restaurant name. Wynne will convert an old Gulf gas station into the new restaurant, which will – shockingly – focus on (fish) tacos and the uber-trendy (Hawaiian poke) bowl.

Beer is an obvious pairing with tacos, so you can likely expect for some Braindead brews to be joined by lighter, taco-friendly beers. Because the restaurant will not sell liquor, Wynne tapped Remedy’s Mate Hartai to develop a low-proof, liquor free adaptation of the margarita.

The lease has been signed, and remodeling plans await City of Dallas approval. If all goes according to plan, look for Tacos & Bowls to debut toward the end of this year at 3400 Commerce.