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Vote For Your Favorite Dallas Barbecue Spot

One smokehouse to rule them all

Whose knives wield the finest brisket? You decide.
Whose knives wield the finest brisket? You decide.
Kathy Tran [EDFW]
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In honor of Barbecue Week, Eater is dying to know: What's your favorite Dallas-Fort Worth barbecue spot? Do you dig into the meaty delights at Lockhart Smokehouse? Or perhaps prefer the old-school stylings of Sammy's BBQ?

Whatever your choice, it's time to shout out the purveyors of your favorite smoked meats from the highest of digital rooftops. Here, you can cast your vote for one of these killer eateries, gathered from Dallas' essential barbecue destinations.

For the purposes of this poll, we've featured the most popular Dallas and Fort Worth barbecue joints that have been open for at least six months. All establishments are listed in random order, and in order to keep things fair, you can only cast your ballot once.

Voting for Dallas' most beloved barbecue spot will close on Friday, June 16 at 12:00 a.m. If you don't see your favorite spot among the choices, plead its case in the comments.