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Cattleack Barbecue Will Close After Friday For A Massive Overhaul

Get ready for more space and more barbecue

Will the lines get shorter? Only time will tell.
Will the lines get shorter? Only time will tell.
Kathy Tran [EDFW]

As has been anticipated for the past few months, Cattleack Barbecue will close its doors for the next two weeks in order to complete renovations that would more than double its capacity. Known for its most delicious smoked meats, Cattleack Barbecue will soon occupy the space next door, formerly home to an engineering firm.

This isn’t Cattleack’s first expansion. A year and a half ago, Cattleack Barbeque expanded to make more room for the line and add seating for up to 50 inside and another 50 outside. They also started opening on both Thursdays and Fridays to satisfy its customers, who happily wait in long lines for their ‘cue.

Beginning as a catering service in 2010, Cattleack Barbeque started offering takeout on Fridays three years later. Word quickly spread that owner and pitmaster Todd David was on to something special, but the space was so tiny that only about five people could stand in line.

The new space will offer picnic tables for up to another 50 people. "We’re trying to keep that backyard feel and image," Todd David says. Operating Cattleack Barbeque with his wife, Misty, he has cooked and cut every single meal served. "Customers are not coming to a restaurant, but a barbeque."

There are currently no plans to open on other days. But Saturdays – which have been infrequent but offered delicacies like whole roasted hog and smoked bologna and pastrami – will soon happen more often. Devotees can stay posted on upcoming Saturdays by subscribing to Cattleack Barbeque’s newsletter.

Cattleack will close the doors on Friday, June 17, with plans to reopen on July 7. If you can't live without barbecue for the July 4th weekend, you’ll need to preorder whole briskets and whole slabs of ribs – chilled and vacuum-packed for pickup – on June 30 via the restaurant’s website.