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5 Of Dallas' Best Barbecue Sides

Smoked meat deserves to share the plate with deliciousness

Sonny Bryan's crisp onion rings are somewhat unconventional, totally delicious
Sonny Bryan's crisp onion rings are somewhat unconventional, totally delicious
Sonny Bryan's/Facebook
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As much attention is paid to smoked meats in Texas, the sides that accompany our favorite barbecue dishes are equally important. What's a perfect brisket plate without a side of sweet and smoky baked beans? Or that massive styrofoam container of rich and creamy mac & cheese?

Fortunately, most of Dallas' best barbecue establishments do a damn fine job of creating killer accompaniments to the meats from the pit. These five sides, ranging from the traditional to updated takes on the classics, are decidedly among the best.

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Deviled Eggs, Lockhart Smokehouse

These creamy, tangy deviled eggs are made (somehow) even better with the addition of a random smoked meat, depending on what's looking good on the pit on the day of your visit. Snag a container of three from beside the counter as the perfect accompaniment to your smoked meat bounty.

Image credit: Lockhart Smokehouse/Facebook

Pea Salad, The Slow Bone

This ain't your grandma's pea salad. Nope, that old mayo-slathered relic can't touch The Slow Bown's fresh pea salad. If the typical barbecue sides are a little too heavy for all that meat you plan to eat, this refreshing side offers a much lighter alternative. And besides, you've gotta save room for sweet potato casserole.

Image credit: The Slow Bone/Facebook

Bleu Cheese Slaw, Off The Bone BBQ

Most barbecue joint coleslaw feels a bit like an afterthought – just a pile of shredded cabbage slopped with sweet mayo dressing. At Off The Bone, though, you'll find a much more interesting slaw made with bacon, bleu cheese, scallions, and other fresh ingredients. Technically, cole slaw is a vegetable, which makes it healthy. Right? Right.

Image credit: Off The Bone BBQ/Facebook

Onion Rings, Sonny Bryan's

Since 1910, Sonny Bryan's has been a Dallas barbecue institution. It may have since been surpassed by any number of newcomers, but those crisply fried onion rings remain one of the best accompaniments to a pile of smoked brisket. 5 massive rings come to an order, so you'll probably want to share this side.

Mac & Cheese, Pecan Lodge

Robert Strickland/Eater

Mac & cheese is already damn near a perfect food, but the addition of spicy chiles and smoky bacon turns this side into a real stunner. Should you find yourself too stuffed to consider finishing your container of mac, it warms over beautifully in the microwave.

Image credit: Robert Strickland/Eater