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This Year's State Fair Of Texas Adds Two New Spots To Stuff Your Face

Enjoy your fried delights under the shade

Big Tex isn't the only one excited about the State Fair
Big Tex isn't the only one excited about the State Fair
Robert Strickland
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As if the State Fair of Texas didn’t already offer enough opportunities to completely gorge yourself on deep fried delights, this year’s foodapalooza will feature two brand new eateries that may just be what pushes you over the edge into that food coma.

In addition to a variety of new attractions at the Fair – like a no doubt thoroughly exciting livestock education class in keeping with this year’s theme of celebrating agriculture – two new eateries will debut when the festivities kick off in September.

The first, Trio on the Green, will open just outside the Coliseum. Situated under three large oak trees, the eatery will provide a shady respite from the heat where you can enjoy sliders, french fries, and other snacks – all served in threes. You’ll also be seeing triple when you order booze, as beer and wine will both be served in flights.

Also new is Fiesta Grande, which will open next to the Hall of State. The concept will offer Mexican and domestic beers and "assorted snacks" (no details on exactly what) in an equally shady outdoor location. A "cantina-style" patio will offer much-welcome seating and umbrellas, along with hosting live music on the weekends.

You’ll have to wait a few months to enjoy your Fletcher’s Corny Dog or trio of sliders under the shade at these two new fair food destinations. Go ahead and start the countdown – there’s just a little over two months until the State Fair of Texas starts on Friday, September 20.