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Chef Brian Luscher's Guide To The Best Barbecue Ribs In Dallas

There's more to barbecue than just brisket

Of course Pecan Lodge's beef rib makes the cut
Of course Pecan Lodge's beef rib makes the cut
Robert Strickland
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In Texas, brisket gets most of the barbecue fanfare. And sure, brisket is decidedly one of the most delicious things on the planet, but other smoked meats are equally as deserving of attention. For Chef Brian Luscher, owner of The Grape and Luscher’s Red Hots, it’s all about ribs.

“I really like ribs. A lot. Like, a lot a lot. Ribsy, ribs, ribs,” he says. “I ain’t got no type, neither.” Considering his enthusiasm for this most underrated of smoked delicacies, Eater asked Luscher to dish on his favorite Dallas racks (of ribs), and boy, did he ever oblige.

Consider this your comprehensive guide to Dallas’ rib scene.

  • Pecan Lodge – “The rub is totally dialed in and the smoke is just right. Oh, and the fried chicken is nuts.”
  • Meshack’s – “I eat a half-slab sitting on the tailgage of my truck with a cold beverage tucked safely in a small brown paper bag.”
  • Lockhart Smokehouse – “Get the prime rib, eat it with your hands. Always get the baby backs when they run ‘em.”
  • Off The Bone BBQ – “Grab a half-rack of baby backs and a half chicken. It tastes as good as it looks.”
  • The Slow Bone – “Get the stuffed pork loin. It’s technically not ribs, but it used to hang out with the ribs. Puls all the sides. Plus all the meats.”
  • Hutchins BBQ – “When in McKinney,” he says. “Their entire barbecue game is super strong. I love the sides. Oh, and did I mention the ribs?”
  • One90 Smoked Meats – “Lake Highlands, baby. They’re right in my back yard. Grab a slab of cooked, cooled, and vacuum sealed baby back ribs to take home and bring back up on the grill.”