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Dallas Barbecue Joints By The Numbers

Vital meat statistics

So. Much. Meat.
So. Much. Meat.
Kathy Tran [EDFW]

How much do the people of Dallas love barbecue? Although North Texas is tragically underrepresented in the state’s regional barbecue styles, you already know that it’s a lot. If you weren’t aware, area restaurants are churning out smoked meats and sides by the actual ton, proving that style is irrelevant if the ‘cue is good.

Eater asked some of the area’s top barbecue places just how much barbecue they serve on a weekly basis. Scope out this breakdown of the massive amounts of meat (and sides!) sold in this city every single week.

Pecan Lodge

Robert Strickland/Eater

  • Pounds of brisket: 3.35 tons
  • Pounds of sausage: 1,525
  • Pounds of mac & cheese: 4,000
  • Pounds of beans: 1,600
  • Pounds of peach cobbler: 340
  • Rolls: 4,200 pieces

Image credit: Robert Strickland

Ten50 BBQ

  • Pounds of brisket: 2,100
  • Pounds of sausage: 2,000
  • Pounds of sides: 600
  • Loaves of bread: 4,000
  • Pounds of Torpedos: 6,500

Image credit: Ten50 BBQ/Facebook

18th & Vine

  • Pounds of brisket: 2,000
  • Pounds of burnt ends: 200
  • Gallons of sauce: 2
  • Pounds of fried okra: unpredictable

Image credit: Kathy Tran


  • Pounds of brisket: 329
  • Pounds of sausage: 68 (4 types)
  • Pounds of potato salad: 125
  • Pounds of beans: 60
  • Pounds of cheese grits: 120
  • Pounds of bread loaves: 90
  • Pounds of buns: 300
  • Pounds of pork belly: 115

Image credit: Smoke/Facebook